Sunday, October 19, 2014

Santa Cruz and the San Lorenzo River

I spent 3 nights with good friends in Santa Cruz to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. I got to meet her new kitten, Raja.

Duke, looking handsome.

Stephanie received an avocado tree for her birthday. The day after I took this photo, somebody (I'm looking at you, cat) ate its leaves.

On Stephanie's birthday, we hiked a short trail to the San Lorenzo river.

There were a ton of crawdads!

Alex, Stephanie and Dom on our hike out.

Me and Stephanie.

Jump shot. Alex and Dom had way better timing than I did.

Ended the day with a quick dip in the pool.

Monday, September 22, 2014

"departures" at North Bank Artists Gallery: New Works by Tom Relth and Diana Relth

After months of planning and close to a week of installing, the show came together beautifully. North Bank Gallery and its artists were so wonderful and welcoming, I have so much gratitude for everyone who helped make this show happen. Above: my dad, Tom Relth, unveiling his sixteen foot painting (Can't see the forest for the trees - pentaptych), and introducing me to the crowd at the opening reception Friday, September 5th.

Left: Reconstructing My Lexicon (Diana Relth)
Right: Paintings (Tom Relth)

Untitled (Diana Relth)

Untitled detail (Diana Relth)

Spread Series / entrance to Deconstructing My Lexicon (Diana Relth)

Untitled #1-3 (from Spread Series) (Diana Relth)

Untitled #4-8 (from Spread Series) (Diana Relth)

Deconstructing My Lexicon detail (Diana Relth)

Deconstructing My Lexicon detail (Diana Relth)

Deconstructing My Lexicon detail (Diana Relth)

Left: And, they were walking - polyptych (Tom Relth)
Right: Genesis Series: Rain Soaked (Tom Relth)
Right: Genesis Series: Yellow - Diptych (Tom Relth)

Series 24.1 / 24.2 (Tom Relth)

Series 22.1-2, 15, 22.3-4 and 18 (Tom Relth)

Series 22 and 15 (Tom Relth)

Series 22 (Tom Relth)

Series 18 (Tom Relth)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Series

Detail shot from behind the scenes of a new series I'm working on. More to come later.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Experimenting photographing a highly reflective surface today. Click through for a high res version if you're digging it. Bling bling.