Thursday, September 3, 2015

FEAST YOUR EYES: Funeral For a Nic Cage Meme, or, Cage-Free

FEAST YOUR EYES is a new, intimate dinner-and-a-movie concept conceived by Bret Berg (formerly of Cinefamily, Mindwebs) and chef Gary Campbell (Thank You For Coming, Elf, Cinefamily's "Source Family and "Junk" pop-ups), with event production support from Katharine Relth (the IDA, Outdoor Movies in Atwater). The pilot event, titled "Funeral For a Nic Cage Meme, or, Cage-Free," was hosted at a private residence in Silverlake and explored fourth-dimensional takes on the worlds of seafood and poultry, per Nic’s new life as a "carnalvore." Before a feature film presentation of Red Rock West (1993), guests experienced a four-course meal during a curated video tour of "Cages Through the Ages," a piece edited specifically for this event which mines Cage’s most potent, believable and exciting onscreen moments.
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